Two murderous little gun toting thugs have been arrested after the murder of their sister on Christmas Day when one of them got one more present than the other from their momma. Damarcus Coley, 14, was upset that his brother, Darcus Coley, 15, was getting more gifts than him.  This lead to an argument that continued at grammas house.  Abrielle Baldwin, 23, told her brother to stop arguing over the gifts and he shot her in the chest while she held her baby.  Darcus then shot his brother Damarcus.

"The Sheriff's office said both teens were known to carry guns at all times due to recent crimes in the Ridgecrest area." - Sounds like they carry guns because they have been committing crimes in the area, not because of crime.

The 14-year-old has arrests dating to when he was 12 years old, including being a minor in possession of a gun, disorderly conduct, grand theft auto, auto burglaries and battery on a school employee.